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Artistic CAD/CAM
for CNC Milling

Bringing artistic manufacturing tools to designers and engravers

TYPE EDIT is a complete CAD/CAM software 100% dedicated to the graphic art transformations into industrialized consumer products.

Engrave, mark, cut, carve in 2D, 2.5D and 3D within any material, on any CNC milling machines. Deployed for 30+ years worldwide in renowned industries as diversified as die making, mold engraving, signage, jewelry, tooling, wood working and many more…

With TYPE EDIT engraving and cutting software, get the excellence in advanced G-Code generations.


CAD/CAM software tested and approved by worldwide professionals

TYPE EDIT engraving and cutting software is at the crossing of graphical arts and the manufacturing worlds.

With 400+ powerful features spread within 3 interactive modules, our CAD/CAM software TYPE EDIT is a concentrate of vector edition tools, combined with 3D bas-relief capabilities, the whole connected to a powerful CAM engine proposing multi-machining-strategies.

If you are looking for a complete CAD/CAM software for engraving texts, building high level detailed polymesh or any artistic composition to run on your CNC, your search has just ended.

Discover TYPE EDIT, the leading artistic CAD/CAM software made to enhance the quality and the level of details that other CAD/CAM solutions can’t provide.

Design projects in either 2D, 2.5D or 3D definitions to run on any CNC machine.

Architectual Designs for Exterior

Build-up your CAD/CAM solution thanks to 3 powerful and interactive modules.

Fully scalable and upgradable. Set your engraving and cutting package today.

Upgrade upon your needs.

TYPE EDIT CAD/CAM software comes with already preset-configurations aiming to fit any type of Business applications.


TYPE CAD is the CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) module of TYPE EDIT software. It designs 2D vectors, cleans any imported job, trims and improves artworks prior being engraved or cut.


TYPE ART is the 3D CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) module of TYPE EDIT software aiming to bring the elevation capability to vectors in order to add 3D texture and build 3D bas-reliefs directly from them.


TYPE CAM is the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) module of TYPE EDIT software, gathering various toolpath strategies for cutting, engraving, drilling, sequencing…


TYPE EDIT CAD/CAM software can drive any CNC controller on the market.
Among the 600+ machines available within the master installation, we can add, customize and tune up post-processors to fit the needs of any CNC operator.


Build new logos, type texts or even import vector lines from other engraving and cutting software, images, surfaces or mesh from industry standard formats.

Modify, alter, transform, refine, customize…

Efficient machining strategies approach with Colors for CAM.


TYPE EDIT software gathers many tools adapted for direct type of applications and businesses.
From graphical industries to paper conversion, going through the engraving, cutting and prototyping applications, TYPE EDIT brings a multitude of CAD/CAM solutions for your growing business.


Build 3D bas-reliefs from greyscale pictures, sweep curves with any type of profiles for advanced surface creations. Apply seamless 3D textures on any shape.

3D sculpting tools like if you were using real clay.


TYPE EDIT engraving and cutting software is distributed worldwide through a strong network of subsidiaries & independent resellers. Visit our contact list page to find your representative.


Customize your cutting tools & assign carousel positions.
Build your strategies through the TYPE EDIT CAM module construction tree.

Manage starting positions, lead in/lead out, tabs, simulations.

Output G-Code, HPGL, DXF, GBR, conversational programs…

TYPE CAD, the 2D Computer Aided Drawing module

Hundreds of professional features

With its advanced 2D CAD module, our TYPE EDIT CAD CAM software can design and generate any type of vector line in 2D, elevate in Z the nodes component of those lines and build up 3D objects from them.

Thanks to its powerful node editor TYPE CAD users are not only drawing flat results in X and Y but also take the Z control of curves that later on a CNC machine can use to carve and cut within any type of materials.

As user-friendly as Adobe Illustrator© could be, TYPE EDIT builds the foundation and the quality of your artwork up to its production phase. Creations turn into real things.

TYPE CAD 2D Module

TYPE ART, the 3D CAD module

Polymesh tools, sculpt in real time

Built as an additional environment, TYPE ART is the 3D CAD module developed by TYPE3 SOFTWARE which will transform 2D curves into 3D reliefs and allow you to add 3D textures.

With its advanced sculpting module – SCULPT ART – you can also take control of the polymesh and build or rebuild surfaces like if you were sculpting in real clay.

TYPE ART 3D CAD module & SCULPT ART offer impressive artistic tools capable of modelling incredible results, then to machine them accurately.

TYPE CAM, Computer Aided Manufacturing module

Manufacturing module, fast & efficient toolpath generations

The CAM module of the TYPE EDIT CAD/CAM sofwtare can drive any type of machines from milling CNC to large router and lasers. With several cutting strategies you can lead-in and lead-out your tools as desired, as well as build tabs as needed to hold your parts safely on your engraving and cutting machine.

G-Code are optimized for your CNC with circular interpolations for perfect motions.

Thanks to powerful post-processing libraries of G-Code but also HPGL and binary codes, TYPE CAM can drive pretty much any CNC on the market. That’s including yours!

TYPE CAM 3D Texture Machining

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