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Waste Management to increase Revenues

CNC Milling machines offer different bed sizes from 4 x 8 feet to customize sizes as long as warehouses. TYPE EDIT adapts to any sheet size and with his various nesting strategies sheets are optimized up to a management of uncut areas that can be stored and reused for future jobs. Used with batch processes and the ColorForCam feature the machining process is as easy as designing your sheets.

Electro-erosion is a manufacturing process aiming to mark and engrave hard to cut materials used for dies and molds. Often made of Copper or Graphite the electrode is the machined element creating the marking/engraving at a given depth. The shape of the electrode can be as various as the design to be engraved, the first manufacturing interest being able to build squared cavities where usual rotating tooling would shape or mark badly the area. Thanks to an electrical pulse built between the hard material and the power supplied electrode, the electricity replace the tool contact by punching the material with a high intensity, burning and marking the part at a defined depth insuring the end result in the mold and onwards the end user product built from it.



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Sheet Machining designed with TYPE EDIT

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