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When beyond your hands the strength of a CAD solution insure the quality and on time delivery.

The Coin Industries have changed for ever with the introduction of CAD/CAM software. TYPE EDIT has been quickly recognized as a turn key solution thanks to its powerful development in the Jewelry fields. Able to reach details beyond the ten thousands of an inch and the micron, Dies designed in 2D and 3D come up with a rare level of quality other software solutions hardly are capable to deliver.

Coin Die Industries

The Graphic Art Industries with the spread of vector editor applications opened up to many opportunity to control the overall quality on coins, but not only.

Text in CATIA

From Vectors to Markings

Thanks to 2D curves built in TYPE EDIT, Plotting lines can be generated via simple spooling to your servo motors of your CNC machines, including Lasers.

Within the Mechanical industries TYPE3 products are well spread from prototyping to mass production its algorithms allowed the most intricated marking on the most various type of surfaces.
With its 2D Module TYPE EDIT builds any type of marking from the simple character of a font of any language to the most detailed logo or specifications needed to be applied on a part.

Various Coin Dies cut with TYPE EDIT

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