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Introducing TYPE CAM 
Artistic CAM Software Solutions 
Dedicated for all CNC Milling machines

With a strong CAM engine all the 2D and 3D elements built or imported can be organized within cutting strategies, which can be applied accordingly to in house specific tools and machining capabilities. With TYPE CAM Users can organize their production using a construction tree and modify computed toolpaths on the fly, offering a huge flexibility in postprocessing the right toolpaths at the right time for any CNC with G-Code, or any other based languages: HPGL, Binary, Proprietary, etc...

Color for Cam

Optimize Machining from Colors

Within TYPE CAD or through an imported file you can
assign colors to contours and directly define a toolpath
to it. As a results machining jobs can be organized thanks
to a color code process allowing to output towards CNC
machines efficiently and continuously.

Lead in / Lead out

Control how tools enter materials

You are in control of the trajectories of your tools
with TYPE CAM. Entering and exiting material being
cut is controled with arc or direct and straight motion
to ease the cut and protect longer your tools. 

Machining Sequences

Fast, Optimized Material Removal

Using TYPE CAM and its 2D Sequence can increase
ROI drastically by minimizing machining time and cutting only
what need to be cut. A series of tools can be listed and then
applied to the design, resulting with toolpaths that do not go
back where a previous one went.

TYPE CAM | Import | Sort | Cut

Discover the CAM Module allowing
high accuracy of cuts while
smoothing the Machine operations

Video Discover TYPE CAM (1:39 minute)

TYPE CAM users can quickly elaborate strategies to prepare for production on pretty much any scale. A complete job set on separated layers can be created, each individual toolpath is assigned to its parent layer and output as desired either toolpath by toolpath, grouped layer by layer, or grouped as a mutli layer job, in any order desired. Operators can organize their daily production accordingly to their daily needs.

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